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Real Estate Exam - Iowa

Iowa Real Estate Exam Information

The exam is broken into two parts: A National portion with 80 questions needing 56 correct to pass (70%), and a State portion with 40 questions needing 28 correct to pass (70%). Once you pass both portions of the exam a pass certificate is issued, if you do not pass one or both portions then you retake the portion you did not pass.

Cost of the exam = $101 (price of exam remains the same if you only pass one portion and not both)

Time allowed for the exam = 120 minutes (National Portion) & 60 minutes (State Portion)

Exam breakdown by topic

National Portion Salesperson/Broker:
  • Property Ownership - 6/5 questions
  • Land Use Controls & Regulations - 5 questions
  • Valuation and Market Analysis - 8/7 questions
  • Financing - 7 questions
  • Laws of Agency - 10/11 questions
  • Mandated Disclosures - 7/8 questions
  • Contracts - 10 questions
  • Transfer of Property - 4/6 questions
  • Practice of Real Estate - 12/11 questions
  • Mathematics - 7/5 questions
  • Specialty Areas - 4/5 questions

State Portion:
  • Iowa Law - 40 questions

Passing score on the exam is 70% or better on both portions. When you complete the exam your score will be reported to you with a pass/fail indication immediately on your computer monitor. This score is also broken down by section/topic telling you how well you did in each area. PSI, the testing center, will give you a printed score report before you leave. Your scores are kept confidentially by the testing center and the Iowa Real Estate Commission. Upon receiving your pass notice/report, you have 6 months from that date of the report to make application to the state for licensure. If you do not pass the exam, you must retake the examination and pay the cost of the exam each time before you can be licensed.
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